Halloween 2012

30th Oct 2012, 8:33 PM
Halloween 2012
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ChrisMoon 30th Oct 2012, 8:33 PM edit delete
Hey! Sorry ive not been around. I have been preoccupied with stuff *coughhomestuckcough* and other little things. But but but...! I am getting things situated with the comic, like I have a new co-writer! He's a really cool guy. I'm also getting a new computer soon. So it's not total procrastination.

I was gonna put dialog in this but I can't think of anything that strikes me as really good. Maybe you all can think of things. Drop em if ya like.

Happy Halloween


LooeyQ 30th Oct 2012, 8:49 PM edit delete reply
New COMIC!!! WOOO!!!!!
Love the costumes! But I think I only know two. Mario bros Mushroom guy and Finn.
Hmmm I'll try to come up with dialog...
LooeyQ 30th Oct 2012, 9:32 PM edit delete reply
Wow! I can't believe I wasn't subbed! Well I am now! :D
Chris M 24th Jul 2013, 4:46 PM edit delete reply
Erika is Goomo (jelly jamm) and Hayley is Rainbow Brite.
Takai 31st Oct 2012, 11:03 PM edit delete reply
I don't think this needs any dialog~ :3
Takai 19th Jul 2013, 6:25 AM edit delete reply
Any news about this here comic?
Chris M 23rd Jul 2013, 1:56 AM edit delete reply
updates will be soon. I am trying to finish the last bit of hair and that'll be up as soon as i get it done. :) Thank you for your patience.
Takai 24th Jul 2013, 5:20 PM edit delete reply
The hair? Did they timetravel back to the 70's?